The My Body Campaign all began whilst I was studying at Central Saint Martins. One of our design briefs was to design a protest poster of our choice. This was not long after the State of Alabama had just enforced The Abortion Act of 2019, stating that abortion under any circumstance would be ruled illegal, meaning women would have to travel to other states to get abortions. I felt strongly against this and made a poster protesting this act. My poster was titled my body, NOT YOURS. The repetition of 'my body' went to represent both women and men in the fight against objectification. The meaning behind the poster is simple, 'it's my body, NOT yours'. I went on to further this project with illustrations, a website, a zine, a blog and an Instagram account to publish these illustrations and also create a platform that could be used to talk about taboo subjects and anxieties that face the men and women of today. 




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