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Welcome to my website!

My name is Claire and I am a London and Hampshire based Graphic Designer and Artist.

I've always loved colour and colouring (who doesn't!?) and as a child I had more pens, felt tips and colouring pencils than I ever knew what to do with.

Following my childhood colouring career, I never strayed too far from my love for colour and all things creative. After studying History of Art at University I decided to take my hand at the paintbrush again and buy a set of watercolours. Little did I know this would eventually lead to a career in Graphic Design. I took my love for all this graphic a little further and studied at Shillington Education of Graphic Design. 

You can see my Graphic Design portfolio here

If I'm not making, painting or drawing something, I can be either found in one of London's many galleries or parks. Otherwise I'm  down in the Hampshire countryside walking my dog or playing polo/falling off my youngster. Polo is a huge passion of mine and has influenced a lot of my work, you might have guessed already!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy having a peruse of my site and work. And if anything takes your fancy you can contact me on the home page or visit the shop page.

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